searching for a map
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Author:  bky [ 03.18.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: searching for a map

i'm glad you like the idea :D

impressive pic (: so the sql-srv from the webserver (sarge < debian?) moved to the ubuntu one?

so we've got the gameserver (win), the database (ubuntu) and the webserver (sarge), right?
hm..would put the cronjob on the database machine :>

the mapcycle.txt has to be moved...let the cronjob upp it via ftp after the evaluation and generating is done..or by the evaluation-php-script itself..but i don't like ftp things in php *lol

gameserver on windows :? shouldn't matter like uncle said..but the time for a change of mapcylce should be known (every .. days), so we wouldn't realey need the rcon..you could just let it restart after the txt should be upped by a win service..
hm, wasn't able to find that post by xtj7..gonna search for it later again :>

maybe this evening i got the ballz to join on mumble ;)

btw. 1000thankx to you for running this kewl server!
wursti for president :mrgreen:

Author:  Unclefragger [ 03.18.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: searching for a map

ahh that was more for wurst I'm not sure if you will find it in the forums, only saw it in the phpbb code ^^
you could execute a file arranging stuffs (flushing vote table, moving files, executing cron up on completion) that should be no problem. No idea about ftp in php, but you sure could mount it via fuse's ftpfs and then just move the file with the script. Saves you from moving in the ftpserver (I think ftp in php is like "real" ftp? well you wouldn't have to deal with that then)

Author:  bky [ 03.18.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: searching for a map

ah, was a bit wrong...ftp in php is much easier than i thought to remember :> ...found a little sample on http://php.net/manual/de/ftp.examples-basic.php
should work fine with a little less echos :>

..maybe the rcon idea isn't that bad.. so we just had to add some tables/colums to the database, place a php script (exec by cronjob) for evaluation, upping and restarting also on there
and one little phpfile on the webserver for showing it up :>


hm, had a little walk, but still feeling kind of sad :cry: ..so i better choose sleep for now :|

gonna try to create something tomorrow.
this rcon string..you could send it to me, or just put it in there by yourself a little later ;)
ah, are you able to execute php files on the commandline on the databasesrv? think it was like "php /path/to/file.php"

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