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Author:  wurst [ 02.01.09 ]
Post subject:  mumble

hey hi, unclefragger installed another voice server. Murmur.

Login (again same like in Teamspeak) with UR Username and UR Password from Forums.
Server Adress is dswp.de Port 64738
Check out the client at sourceforge

To avoid missunderstandings: Mumble is the client, Murmur is the Server

Allthough the prog is very new, it has quite a respectable list of features.
Best of them (in my opinion) is the in-game display of ur channel.
Speaking Players will be displayed in another color, so u can have a quick look who says what.
Size, color and Position are variable, its a default feature of the client.
mumble_ingame.jpg [ 15.34 KiB | Viewed 7359 times ]

Another nice thing is the better Sound Quality.
Specially the Voice Activation has some Enhancement, compared to Teamspeak.
More info on how set audio is here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=294#p1997

What makes it unique and great for us: it has now the capability to be administrated remotely.
And we have a brandnew mechanism:
It switch the user in the right channel, according to the team he plays in.
U dont have to care for talking to the enemy, the machine guards ure in the right channel.
Btw: it works in real time.
For everything we needed to connect the forums, the B3 Bot and the murmur.
the following image show the dependencies in a simplified way:
dswp_informationsfluss_für_die_user.png [13.46 KiB]
Downloaded 256 times

Last at not least its open source, thx the community.
Theres the a client for ALL Operating systems that URT support.
We can use Teamspeak free too, since were not professional. But this feels so much better :)

Author:  Unclefragger [ 02.09.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

hmm may I make the suggestion that we point to the "how to install" thread with that very nice little link called mumble in the menu? You know a very short text that it works will be more then enough for most of the users your technical information will scare them xD
Don't get me wrong it's good to have something like that around but I think a (maybe little structured, will look into that and provide some cute little screenies) installation manual will be of better use in the root menu.
Oh and sorry but I don't really get the arrows ... it's not access, it's not information flow ... what is it? ^_^

Author:  SteveMcqueen [ 02.09.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

Is der blaue Pfeil verkehrt gerichtet?

Author:  wurst [ 02.09.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

SteveMcqueen wrote:
Is der blaue Pfeil verkehrt gerichtet?

hm thats a good question :)
the mumble goes actively --> to the forums DB to pick users. i thought it fit the thing the best.
btw: beware, its a simplified figure to show just what it does...
in fact the red arrow is the most faked one in the image. it should be 3 arrows that end all in a separate program next to mumble. u see here 3 items, in fact theres 4 machines included in our config

Author:  Unclefragger [ 02.10.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

with all those new colorful screenies in the how to topic I really think the link should point there now (and maybe leave a link to this thread in the install one then)

Author:  wurst [ 02.10.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

je we need a hardcoded colorful howto.

Author:  SteveMcqueen [ 02.10.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

hust hust

Author:  AimMe [ 03.19.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

How hard, and how much of connection is needed to create mumble server (normal one, not connected to anything (forum or game)). I just need something to talk for my "clan" and i would like to create mumble server.

Author:  wurst [ 03.19.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

in windows its a 1-klick-thing. (maybe 3...)
dunno for linux but shouldnt be hard.
sure u need internet connection, "firewall expirience" and maybe secondary skills like "howto use dyndns" when u have dynamic IP.

the client is the bigger machine in the end.

Author:  Unclefragger [ 03.19.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: mumble

hmm well in windows it kinda sux (communication via dbus by <path>dbus-send.exe and anyways the dos prompt sux crap shit :P);
well getting the very basic server running isn't much at both windows and linux, but to get a nice way to administrate users and stuff you might want to install a webinterface (there are one or two working out there, I know that a php/ice driven wi is soon to be released). Alternatively you can add the users directly into the database (mysql or sqlite or what ever mumble supports, only used those two) and almost all of the other stuff can be managed from the client.
Any other changes to the DB can't be made live (you will have to restart murmur for the changes to show any effect (well they might end in an error if you let it run long enough but well never tried it)).

Well yes best would be a wi or integrating it with an other db where users and passwords are saved.

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