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Author:  wurst [ 07.05.09 ]
Post subject:  [B3] TeamLeadsPlugin

here comes some documantation and downloads for the TeamLeads Plugin

Author:  bky [ 08.31.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: [B3] TeamLeadsPlugin

i liked it :>

Author:  wurst [ 08.31.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: [B3] TeamLeadsPlugin

hm its still not in productive use, can i zip and document it svarox?

Author:  SvaRoX [ 08.31.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: [B3] TeamLeadsPlugin

BlinkY wrote:
i liked it :>

At least I didn't make any mistake in the doc ;)
Yes it's not in productive use, the thing is I didn't manage to definitely debug it because of B3 errors. I must install the special B3 and debug the plugin with it.
Wait, I post the zip file of the beta version =)

Author:  SvaRoX [ 09.01.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: [B3] TeamLeadsPlugin

Teamleads plugin version 0.2 :
teamleads-v0.2.zip [171.83 KiB]
Downloaded 1660 times

From the readme.txt :
TeamLeads Plugin v0.2 for B3

- displays "Red/Blue Team Leads" or "Teams are tied" according to team scores
- displays "X frags left" for each team
- displays "X minutes left"
- displays "first kill" message
Some features are inspired by Q3 sounds and messages.

- B3 v.1.1.4 minimum
- TDM server

- copy teamleads.py into the b3/extplugins directory
- copy teamleads.xml into the b3/extplugins/conf directory
- add the following line into the plugins section of b3.xml (set the priority parameter according to other running plugins): <plugin name="teamleads" priority="18" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/teamleads.xml"/>

Config file:

- settings/minlevel : sets the minimum level to use !tlstfu
- settings/fragsleft : sets the number of frags remaining to display the "frags left" message
- settings/timeleft : sets the number of seconds remaining to display the "minutes left" message

In-game command:
- !tlstfu : enable/disable silent mode

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