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Beginner’s guide to UrT


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:german: //Dieser Artikel wurde ins [[tutorials:urban_terror:beginner_german|Deutsche übersetzt]].// :german: //Dieser Artikel wurde ins [[tutorials:urban_terror:beginner_german|Deutsche übersetzt]].//
-<WRAP important>**In September, a [[http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topic/32532-warning-malicious-servers/|number of malicious servers were found]]. Maps downloaded from any of them contained hacked QVM (gamecode) files in an attempt to steal auth keys. If you use the official client (Quake3-UrT.*), the exploit was fixed in the previous release (4.2.020).\\ \\ +<WRAP important>**This article is three years out of date; the current version is 4.3.2.**</WRAP>
-The symptoms of this particular attack are: 1) you can’t auth (even if you’re logged out the game reports trying to contact the auth server and failing), 2) Freeze Tag servers show up with “Unknown” game mode in the server browser, and 3) (if you have an older version of any of those maps) the game version in the right lower corner of the main menu is 4.2.018.\\ \\ +
-The malicious PK3s (you can open them with anything that can open ZIP files) are easily distinguished from legit ones by the fact that they contain a ''**vm/**'' folder with QVM files. (The official PK3s, prefixed with ''**zUrT**'', obviously aren’t malicious. You can see a full list of the files that come with the game on the [[http://www.urbanterror.info/downloads/current/|UrT download page]].)\\ \\ +
-In case you’re not using the official client, you’re still vulnerable and should make sure that none of the maps on your installation are affected. Deleting all maps downloaded during September should suffice (no older malicious maps have been found so far). Please remember that depending on your operating system there are likely two locations where game content is kept, and [[http://www.dswp.de/old/wiki/doku.php/tutorials:urban_terror:beginner#location_of_maps_configs_demos_and_screenshots|downloaded maps aren’t necessarily found in the same location]] as the main game files.**</WRAP>+
**Conventions used:** **Conventions used:**