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Author:  SvaRoX [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  DSWP Bar for Firefox

As a wurst addicted I join a lot the server, but I especially watch 2 criteria : people online and map currently played. I have a server browser but it's quite boring to refresh and read a 45 players list... So I've coded a toolbar for firefox to make the things easier : after you log in, the toolbar gets online people, current and nextmap, and displays a popup showing people who join and left. Actually the popup show "friends" : I don't know if you ever noticed that you can make everyone your friend on the forum by clicking on the "add friend" link on user's profile page. By using the B3 account plugin I match online people <-> friend you have on the forum.

Here are some screenshots :
- first step, login
dswpbar_login.gif [ 4.74 KiB | Viewed 62937 times ]

- bar loaded
dswpbar_loaded.gif [ 5.61 KiB | Viewed 53621 times ]

- online players list : friends in bold font, forum name between () if any
dswpbar_playersmenu.gif [ 3.01 KiB | Viewed 62931 times ]

- popup when friends join or leave the server (like msn or quakelive)
dswpbar_friendspopup.gif [ 1.28 KiB | Viewed 62929 times ]

There could be many more features :
- connect button
- multi servers support (at least the bomb)
- PM received
- list of online people on mumble
- text field to search for people
- your own stats displayed somewhere
- broadcast messages in the popup from ingame command
- admin-only features...

Now if you want to try it :
/! Warning : it's a pre-alpha version, use it at your own risks !!! It *may* crash your firefox session (didn't happen until now), I would even recommend you to install it on a different profile (firefox -ProfileManager in command-line).
The bar is for Firefox version 3.*
Tested and works fine on :
- Firefox (Iceweasel) 3.0.12 on Linux
- Firefox 3.5.3 on MacOS Leopard

Hint : best use with Samtron's persona, at least when I fix the text color :p (announcements/dswp-persona-for-mozilla-firefox-t708.html).

Download is here : dswp_tools/svarox/dswpbar/dswpbar.xpi

If you dare test the bar, please report ;)

Author:  Unclefragger [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

cool stuff, I'll try it!!!
well actually I already installed it and since it's fucking early there is no one on, so first suggestion: catch if server is empty to display so instead of "undefined".
An other nice feature would be to have it like Players online (amount) <arrow>.

Ofc autorefresh and everything you said in your post :P

3.5.3 on Leopard as well

Author:  Samtron [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

Nice work - of course I already installed it. It works very fine on Firefox 3.5.3 on WinXP. :D :!:
An important feature would be the connect button, and a server switcher for bomb would be nice, too...

Thanks for the advertisement for my Persona :)
And a last question: Which language did you use for developing this toolbar? Is it just XML and JavaScript in a specific structure? (a short answer is enough)

Edit: After a few minutes of usage some more requests:
1. Is it possible, that the links ("Home", "Game Monitor") open in a new Tab? I does not work, when I click on them with my mouse wheel...
2. Ah, I just see, Uncle proposed it already... The up-to-date amount of players on the "Players online" button.

Author:  knirps [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

Great work sva!

Works fine on Ubuntu 9.04 / Firefox: 3.0.14

Author:  Rylius [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox


Same as knirps =)

Author:  AimMe [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

I have it.

And lol! For wonder it works on Ubuntu 9.04 with Firefox 3.0.14! :)

Nice little thing, i'm going to make some friends now.

Author:  SvaRoX [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

Thanks all for your reports :)

Nice idea for the number of online player. In fact sometimes it's written undefined and no map name are displayed, mostly because of map change, so the next refresh *should* solve that.

@Uncle :
Woke up at 6:35 and online already oO :)
In fact there is an auto refresh, 1 minute period. Data are server-side refreshed every minute too. Further versions will retrieve data from the status.xml file (I hope), so it will be 30 seconds delay IIRC

@Samtron :
It really lacks the connect button, too bad it's a platform-dependent feature... It also requires to set fs_homepath/fs_basepath to run UrT properly.
About mouse3 click I realized it isn't handled by default by firefox, I should add it in the players list too.
I used XUL + JS to code it. If you want to have a look at the code, just unzip the .xpi file and open the files from the chrome/content directory (warning : dirty code inside, since I added features it needs a code "re"factoring ;))

Author:  dmmh [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

eoe, this is really cool man. Respect for your coding skillz!
Gonna be using this for sure

Author:  Samtron [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

@ Connect Button: I know that there are protocols like skype: to open a skype conversation from a link or steam: to connect to a counterstrike server. But I'm not sure if even these links are platform independent... I'm dreaming of something like urt: -connect dswp.de:22222, but this propably only works on Windows and UrT needs to register that protocol at the operation system...

@ Sources: When I have some time, I will have a look in the .xpi, JavaScript can't be so difficult. Perhaps you can add one or two vertical divider to structure it a bit...

And I like the Stfu-Checkbox, no other application (at least I don't know) has such a nerdy naming :)

Author:  AimMe [ 09.21.09 ]
Post subject:  Re: DSWP Bar for Firefox

But stfu doesn't work! I lost my focus 2 times, then i checked stfu, but i lost focus 3rd time :( It is especially problematic because firefox is on other desktop than urban terror and i have problems getting focus back...

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