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DSWP Ruleset

DSWP Ruleset

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No matter on which platform of DSWP Community you find yourself (some of the gameserver, DSWP Forum, DSWP Mumble, DSWP IRC Channel, DSWP DokuWiki), be sure to respect the following rules.

Some of them you may know from Offline-Life. These rules should keep clear what we aprove and tolerate and what we certainly don't accept. So to prevent surprise for some n00bies it is recomended to go through this article carefully.


  • always try to help the losing team
  • give medic: especially help dying teammates so they dont bleed out
  • type !fa/!fp if someone said sorry after accidently killing you. If you use !fp (forgive previous, the last one who shot you) instead of !fa (forgive all who shot you) you will avoid forgiving naughty teammates ;)
  • if you accidently shot team mate, say: sorry!
  • in case you apologize and nobody forgives you, you can ask admins to remove your warning
  • read the b3 and mods'/admins' warnings!!!!!!
  • be nice to moderators and admins, then they are nice to you
  • when you stuck on the map (like on Dicks ;) ) type /kill in the console, dont rage out
  • be patient with n00bs, remember there was a day when u once started
  • try not to produce echo when you are on Mumble Server
  • be patient when u want some from us. It may take some time sometimes. What we do here is only our free time


Doing opposite to some of these rules can lead to ban.

  • no racism
  • no national, religious, gender or sexual orientation based insults
  • no abusive language or behavior towards other players
  • no offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names, or the website adress
  • no recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else
  • no advertising or spamming of websites or servers
  • no profanity or offensive language - in any language. Believe us we speak many :)
  • don't spam with textual or radiomessages
  • don't swear
  • don't shoot your teammates
  • don't block the doors on the maps
  • don't flood with votes
  • don't start a new vote in the same map after the previous one was passed / accepted
  • don't argue with cheaters or players suspected of cheating. If you think someone is cheating, make a demo of that player and post it on DSWP Forum - here. If you know that some of the mods or admins are currently on the server, ask them nicely to join spec and tell them about your suspicion
  • don't argue with moderators or admins on the server. For any missunderstanding u can find help on Forum, Mumble or IRC
  • don't rage when u think u were handled wrong. In that case no matter who was right you loose


There are few weapons forbidden on some servers:


  • HK 69 - due to high number of players on TDM, using HK69 often resulted into chain reaction, where (often noobs) players used HK. This made game unplayable, because of constant nading.
  • Smoke grenade - Same as HK69 but the result looked more like: this

When u need help

You can always find us @:

DSWP Forum: http://www.dswp.de
IRC: #dswp@irc.quakenet.org
Mumble: dswp.de Port: 64738

Never forget

Don't shoot Wurst, please!