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Daily Deadnade 1

Daily Deadnade 1

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Daily Deadnade is a gag-based comic strip making fun of all things Urban Terror. Its name, of course, is a tongue-in-cheek hommage to Engine’s (now expired) website and does not imply a daily schedule. A notable inspiration for DDn was BludShoT’s u’ve been coned from 2003, currently hosted at Team Terror WTF.

#1: Old Farts (2012-09-10)

What prompted this strip was Cookie’s request on IRC:

Sep 06 12:19:44 <LtCookie> JRandomManiac: you should create a little dswp comic series with those graphics
Sep 06 12:19:51 <LtCookie> maybe 3-4 panels per comic
Sep 06 12:20:41 <JRandomManiac> there's a problem with that: over the past year and a half i haven't had a single idea suitable for a comic strip
Sep 06 12:26:02 <LtCookie> hmm
Sep 06 12:26:13 <LtCookie> that kinda sucks

As it often goes, someone showing interest gets your little lazy brain-gears turning, and a few days later I posted this. The character designs in the 2nd and 3rd frame are based on UrT 2.0; SR8 originally came in plastic blue-gray camo furniture (the pattern is wrong, in case anyone cares:-P).

#2: Clean and Pleasant War (2012-09-13)

#3: The Tao of UrT (2012-09-20)

#4: How to Help Your Team (2012-10-16)

This strip is actually the first one I started, and follows the format I originally planned for DDn, copying the webcomic Basic Instructions. I gave up on this early on, realizing there’s no way I could create enough content if I limit myself like this.

#5: Moves Like Monkey (2012-10-29)

Watch this video if you wonder WTF is going on in the last panel.

#6: I Say, Most Entertaining Death (2012-11-03)

Although this strip wasn’t consciously inspired by this, after writing the initial idea down I did find a chatlog quote in the same vein:

5058299 11.10.2012 20:08:14 ALL LethaLSlayeR omg the peope here r so mannered :)
5058300 11.10.2012 20:08:22 ALL LethaLSlayeR ill never play mw2 again :D

#7: Pure Unadulterated Evil (2012-11-16)

Disclaimer: FPS players are terribly superstitious; absolutely everything is known to lag either you or the server itself. As a rule of thumb, silly comic strips where the characters are telling horror stories around a campfire are not the best sources for hard data on network protocols.

#8: FUNPAT (2012-11-21)

Have you already checked out the funstuff megapack compiled by Zottel?

#9: We Do Agree on Some Things (2012-12-05)

Yes, that’s a pointy-haired boss. No offense, Mrs. Yost:-P

#10: #totallynotanurbanlegend (2012-12-17)

UrT has never had a weight system, although there sorta-kinda were plans for one in the early days of the mod. The only item that (indirectly) affects your speed is kevlar, by halving your stamina. Back in 3.x when Negev was introduced, it indeed behaved the same way as kevlar — and having both equipped turned you into a CS player (har har). Negev was thoroughly remade for 4.0; in an attempt to reduce its horrendous power, it was nerfed too much, ensuring it’s effectively not used nowadays.

EDIT 2014-06-01: The last frame will probably remain somewhat mysterious for those with no knowledge of the epic saga of Gecko45. Part One, wherein the ninja enters the stage and is mistaken for a fellow warrior at first. Part Two, wherein he’s called out. And Part Three, wherein everyone involved end up somewhat embarrassed (save for the few who may or may not have been his comrades).

#11: Anusweek (2012-12-29)

In case you haven’t heard it yet, the Frozen Sand download servers have been hosed since the night of .009 release, cutting off downloads at random moments, resulting in all kinds of fun glitches. The poor bastards using the updater don’t stand a chance, you need a download manager. FS seems to have mostly ignored the issue, because, you know, Christmas.

#12: Comrade Evil Says “Go Green. Mwahaha!” (2013-03-02)

#13: You Have the Right to Suck (2013-03-15)

#14: Just Ones and Zeroes and Fours and Twos (2013-03-26)

#15: Some Just Can’t Be Consoled (2013-06-14)

#16: Yo’ Map Liked It Last Night (2013-06-18)

EDIT 2014-06-01: Alternate title that I came up with after I’d already posted this: Yo’ Map Played Well Last Night.

#17: Men Just Aren’t Cut Out For This Job (2013-06-22)

#18: Information Wants to Be Lazy and Carefree (2013-08-19)

When asked about the leak, Rabid BladeRaider, the head of Hello Dakka Industries commented: “Several team members had expressed doubt whether we should trust someone named Dirty Leaker, but not willing to reject new talent, I overruled them. I’d like to publicly apologize for that.”

#19: Butt of the Joke (2014-01-24)

Been a while since the last strip. My notes indicate that I wrote down the initial idea sometime between .011 and .012, but hey, awkward masturbation jokes, can’t let ’em go to waste.

#20: Unreal Terror (2014-03-21)