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Commands for the DSWP IRC Bot

Commands for the DSWP IRC Bot

!command = output in a private message
@command = public output on #dswp channel

Commands available for Regular users

help : gives the command list
players : list of online players on the Wurst TDM server
status : current and next map on the TDM server and red/blue team scores
autostatus : displays the status every 6 minutes
mumble : list of current players on the mumble server
livechat : displays in real time the chat from the server
penis : displays the size of youtr penis in cm. NOTE: it gives only public output!
8ball : ask cuntbot a yes/no question to get an answer. NOTE: CuntBot is never wrong! It gives only public output!

Commands available for Moderators

say <message> : send a global message to the game server
slap <slot number> : slaps a player on DSWP TDM Server
nuke <slot number> : nukes a player on DSWP TDM Server
kick <slot number> : kicks a player on DSWP TDM Server

Commands available for Admins

bigtext <message> : send a big text message
acunt <irc name> : get the current level of an irc user
adduser <irc authname> <forum name> : matches an irc client to his forum account