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ioUrbanTerror build used on DSWP

ioUrbanTerror build used on DSWP

We run a modified version of the ioUrbanTerror dedicated server, the changes include:

  • rambetter's exploit fixes
  • increased maximum slot count
  • decreased rcon timing (hardcoded)
  • kick messages


Additional information

Interested in opening more slotz, the need of protection from exploits and massive b3 lags without rcon timing adjustments have lead us to running a custom build of ioUrTded, kick messages (with suffixes) came later.

Kick Messages

To keep backward compatibility kicking without reasons is still possible, the suffix is stored in server variables (sv_kicksuffix1, sv_kicksuffix2, sv_kicksuffix3, sv_kicksuffix4), each representing one line of text.