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Funstuff are additional models you can attach to your character, varying from small details (eyepatch, cap) to huge structures covering the entire upper body. Funstuff does not require any modifications to your game and its use is completely free. There are some limitations however: many items can only be used on a particular character (that’s why Sarah can’t have a beard:-<), some of them can’t be used while wearing helmet, you can only wear up to three items at once, and no funstuff is visible in FFA (free for all gamemode) or after you die.

In 4.2 there are additional cvars for funstuff: funfree allows you to use funstuff in FFA, LMS and jump modes (uses red team items only); cg_funstuff is a client-side cvar to turn showing funstuff on or off; and server admins can disable funstuff completely with g_funstuff.

:!: In 4.2, the models have changed1) and third-party funstuff from 4.0/4.1 is often sized or positioned improperly.

Usage / Binding

Write in the console:

/funred ninja
/funblue patch

You can combine more of them. they must be coma-separated ”,” Example:

/funred ninja,patch

For binding it in your .cfg file use:

set funred “ninja”
set funred “patch,ninja”

Once you enter your funstuff settings in your .cfg file it won't be lost. So:

1. Open your “UrbanTerror” folder (Windows- for example: C:Programs \UrbanTerror)
2. Go to subfolder “q3ut4”
3. Find your cfg.file( autoexec.cfg, q3config.cfg or any other custom .cfg that you use) open it with some Text-Editor (Editor, Scite, Notepad…)
4. Write at the end for example: set funred “ninja”

The best preview if your funstuff setting works you can get on the map Dressingroom, in front of the big mirror.
There is a map called ut4_happyfunstuffroom with a FunstuffCatalogue of the default funstuff and a mirror here (2.2MB).
By typing /funred or /funblue in the console you can display your current funstuff setting.

Default funstuff preview

Here is the catalogue of available funstuff by the models (made by NIKO-007). (h) next to a code means you can use this item while wearing helmet.


Custom funstuff

Some custom maps (maps that are not part of the standard UrT installation) come with their own funstuff. If you use custom funstuff, only players who also have the same map(s) installed, playing on servers that also have the same map(s) installed can see it — but it works regardless of what map you’re currently playing on. You can mix funstuff from different maps and/or with default funstuff.

:!: In some cases there are two or more maps with different versions of the same funstuff, or two different funstuff share names. Maps and all other PK3s are loaded alphabetically, with Z taking precedence over Y, and so on. That’s why jack from ut4_guerrilla can be used with helmet, but you lose this ability if you also have either version of ut4_icyworld1.

Due to excessive amount of images, the custom funstuff preview has been split off to another article.


/funblue batman — comes with the map ut4_guerrilla


Download the map ut4_happyfunstuffroom http://www.dswp.de/old/download/file.php?id=3438
Icy Jumps Official Presentation http://www.icyjumps.com/

1) Funstuff was disabled altogether for the first ten point releases due to code changes screwing with the item size.