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 Post subject: WEAPONS - URT 4.1
PostPosted: 03.22.09 
this post is gonna be an overview over everything you can shoot in urban terror.



laser: reduces spread about 30 percent, but you got to watch out for the laser dot... it gives your position away
silencer: reduces spread about 15 percent, prohibits muzzle flash & firing sound, makes you harder to spot, maybe you don't realize when running out of ammo as you do not hear it ^^
silencer and laser: can be both used on some guns, thus reducing spread -45%!
recoil is not influenced iirc.

rof = short for rate of fire

automatic = you press the button and keep shooting
semi-automatic = press, you will always launch one shot, no more
burst/spam = press, launches 3 shots, burst one after another, spam almost at once


there are several kinds of weapons in urban terror:
- melee attacks
. - knife
. - boots
- pistols
. - beretta
. - desert eagle
- spas
- rifles
. - g36
. - ak
. - lr300
. - m4
. - negev
- sub-machine guns
. - mp5
. - ump
- snipers
. - psg
. - sr8
- grenades
. - HE
. - smoke
. - HK


melee attacks:
-knife: weaponmodes are slicing/throwing
use slicing (very high rof) when in very close combat, throwing knifes is almost not worth to be mentioned, as the crosshair is almost useless for aiming with it. throwing is either for displaying huge skill or goofing around
-boots: as soon as you are equipped with a knife/sidearm/grenade in hand you can 'kick' others... run towards others and jump shortly before you hit them... low damage, but you can make room for yourself if needed to

pistols: no modes available
-beretta: laser, silencer
--VERY accurate & no recoil, even when fired extremely fast, low damage, good for mid range, fast reload
-deagle: laser
--close range king because of high damage/high rof, very inaccurate with extreme recoil when fired fast

-spas: no modes or add-ons possible
--only useful at (very) close range, can be fired quite fast, exact aim at middle of target is required else you get ridiculous hits... absolutely no recoil, no headshots possible.

rifles: burst, semi-, full-automatic
all upper tier automatics do the same damage, only ak is slightly stronger
-g36: has a scope, silencer, 30 bullets
--extremely accurate, almost zero recoil, slow rof (4.13s/clip), good at mid, best for long range. (you can still use it up close =P)
-lr: laser, silencer
--medium damage, medium rof (3.65s/clip), medium spread/recoil.
-m4: laser, silencer
--medium damage, medium rof (3.65s/clip), medium spread/recoil.
-ak: silencer, laser
--has the highest damage, slightly similar to cs... you don't hit with the first shots you won't hit anything after with it on mid/long range because of huge recoil and extreme spread. deadly for close range, even slower rof (4.25s/clip). three hits kevlar or two hits in torso are deadly. best for close combat because of damage and spread.

noone knows the difference between lr & m4... same damage, same rof, the lr was introduced when the m4 was taken out because of a copyright issue, it was later introduced back. go figure. maybe the m4 is really just the same gun as the lr with same spread and recoil, just the fucken annoying sound of it being different.
anyway, they are roughly equal, good for everything from short to long distance (depens on skill =P),

sub-machine guns: automatic / mp5 also has burst / ump also has spam
-mp5: laser, silencer
--low damage, high rof (3.0s/clip, average spread but quite accurate when used via shooting in bursts (does not have to be burst mode), else much spread, easiest to use secondary, only useful for close range.
-ump: laser, silencer
--medium damage (same as most bigger automatics), lowest rof (4.5s/clip), little below medium accuracy, spam mode: shoots 3 bullets like burst, but almost at once
-negev: silencer
--huge magazine (90 bullets), it's really just a mp5 with three times the shots... same rof, same damage. spamming is the only purpose of this weapon, or if you just hate reloading, which takes EXTREMELY long here, and you cannot use a secondary with it
you can be s skiller with any weapon, no reason to use a negev: two equally skilled people, one LR, one negev... LR (or any other rifle) will win any day because of damage.

snipers: no modes or add-ons
totally inaccurate when unzoomed (or when swimming, even with zoom!), you either are a decent sidearm player or you have secondary with you... be design snipers are best for long distances. cg_zoomwrap 0: you can cycle through zoom, i.e. zoom2x, zoom4x, zoom8x, zoomed out, when it is set to 1, you cannot zoom out by cycling through it.
-psg: semi-automatic = stays zoomed in after every shot
--no zoom out after every shot, accurate while jumping, medium damage. 1 vest+1 arm/leg=kill, 1 torso=bleed out to sr8 people when you hit them right before/after they shot. needs aim, good for long and even middle range. fast reload (compared to sr8)
-sr8: bolt-action = you have to manually rezoom after each shot and loading the next bullet
--nicknamed "the finger of god", any hits besides extremities are 1-shot-kills. very long reload so you better hit when you use it for anything besides long range. inaccurate while jumping!
if you can hit with it while not zoomed, that is the pwn... i am speaking of point blank shots, because 1vest=kill, you cant do this with DE or even SPAS!

grenades: do less damage when you duck
-HE: no weapon modes, but nadehas fuse time
--standard frag grenade, fuse time 3.5 seconds, can kill a guy with full hp. kinda small explosion radius.
--does no damage, but is almost sight-proof. (rarely when two smokes lie near each other it is not.) you can see through smoke by using the tac goggles.
-HK: short/long range
--average reload time, has 4 rounds (1 loaded, three others)... huge explosion radius, no timing possible, bounces off off walls, only item where i'd give you the advice to take extra ammo.


here are the raw values: weapons with similar damage are grouped together...

kick/boot 20 dmg to torso/vest

knife 100 head, 60 helmet, 44 torso, 35 vest, 20 arm/leg

spas 7 - 9 pellets, damage goes up from 4 to ca. 80 with intervals of 4 ... to 80 imo, at least i never killed a guy with full hp

beretta 100 head, 34 helmet, 30 torso, 20 vest, 11 arm/leg (just head stronger)
mp5 50 head, 34 helmet, 30 torso, 20 vest, 11 arm/leg
negev 50 head, 34 helmet, 30 torso, 20 vest, 11 arm/leg

ump45 100 head, 51 helmet, 44 torso, 29 vest, 17 arm/leg
lr300 100 head, 51 helmet, 44 torso, 29 vest, 17 arm/leg
m4 100 head, 51 helmet, 44 torso, 29 vest, 17 arm/leg
g36 100 head, 51 helmet, 44 torso, 29 vest, 17 arm/leg

ak103 100 head, 58 helmet, 51 torso, 34 vest, 19 arm/leg

de 100 head, 66 helmet, 57 torso, 38 vest, 22 arm/leg

psg1 100 head, 100 helmet, 97 torso, 63 vest, 36 arm/leg

100 head, 100 helmet, 100 torso, 100 vest, 50 arm/leg

so what does this mean? when you encounter an enemy wearing kevlar+helmet...
in average you need to kill him:

5 kicks
3-4 hits with knife
2-6 hits with spas, depending on the distance..........

4-5 hits with beretta/mp5/negev, beretta being the pistol needing much more skill

2-3 hits with DE
3-4 hits with g36,m4,lr
2-3 hits with ak

2-3 hits psg
1-2 hit sr8


2do: include amount of bullets


copy-paste from the forums:

1. do weapons have their "intrinsic" inaccuracy, meaning if i stand still and shoot - does it always hit where i aim or there is a spread depending on the weapon?
2. if there is one, does crouching while shooting decrease it?
3. it says in the description that laser sight and silencer decrease the bullet spread. do they equally decrease it or one is better at it than the other one? do they affect inaccuracy due to recoil while shooting in auto mode as well?
4. what about accuracy decrease while moving and shooting? are some weapons worse than the others in that aspects? i am mostly interested in the comparison between weapons of same kind, like between assault rifles or SMG's or guns?
5. i saw mentioned in this forum that your gear weight affects your stamina? so if i am lighter i can sprint longer? is my max speed affected as well? any info on gear/weapon weights? or rather helmet/grenade weights vs secondary weapons?
6. any assault rifle better than other rifles in any aspects? expect for the obvious choice of that one with a scope or AK with slightly higher damage?
7. any tips on how to master walljumping and powersliding? does walljuping work on a flat wall as well or you have to do it in a corner? i always seem to bounce back when i do the second jump off of the wall. how can i watch myself in 3rd person? i cant quite figure out if my powerslide was cut short or i never even started it

(from two different people, in case you wonder)
1) yes, all (auto) weapons have a built in spread. However the first round fired is more or less centered on ur crosshair. The longer you hold down the fire key, the more recoil spread will be introduced. So it's better to fire in short controlled bursts (preferably when the enemy is in ur sights lol)
1. First shot is accurate, subsequent ones are subject to RANDOM spread. The pattern is random.

2)Couching does decrease the amount of spread, but does not remove it. Using one of the dynamic crosshairs will give you some indication of what level of spread you are currently experiencing. Though the crosshairs are only a guide.
2. Yes.

3)Iirc, Laser decreases spread by approx 30%, and Silencer by approx 15%, together they add up to approx 45%spread reduction. Yes, they do reduce the recoil spread, but spamming is still not a good idea.
3. Laser does it more than silencer.

4)There is MP (Movement Penalty) for the SR8, to try to reduce the rail gun effect the SR8 in certain gamemodes. This is basically the same as the recoil spread from spamming, however all guns have increased spread when moving, the SR8 specifically has MP added on top.
4. Moving decreases accuracy, sprinting more, and jumping even more so. Jumping speed doesn't seem to have an effect, so if you're going to circle jump and shoot, do it as fast as you can.

5)No, only the Kevlar Vest reduces stamina, and the overall weight has no effect. It only affects your stamina level, not the top speed attainable, though you may not reach the higher speeds before you run out of stamina.
5. "Weight" isn't really an accurate term. One item, the kevlar vest, doubles the stamina drain of all your actions except crouching. YOUR SPEED IS NOT REDUCED. The faster stamina drain is what limits your top speed, as you need like 3 or 4 jumps to get up to a decent speed.

6)Thats personal preference tbh. Some prefer the Lr300, hits quite hard and quite fast, with reasonable accuracy. Others prefer the slower firing, harder hit of the AK or UMP. Others prefer the MP5K
6. LR is the best, M4 is roughly equal, though its spread seems different. G36 works good for some, not for others. I hate it and can't hit anything with it. The AK is good, but it suffers from inaccuracy. Most people use LR.

7)Walljumping works off any wall, for a max of 3 jumps before you have to land. Powersliding iirc can only be initialised above speeds of 300clicks. Theres no special technique as such, just crouch and you will sliiiiiiiide. There are a few guides but the answer is practice.... there are no short cuts.... you get out what you put in.
7. Get someone to show you, in a way you can learn. Some people do better with step by step instructions, some do better by watching demos, etc.


 Post subject: Re: WEAPONS
PostPosted: 03.22.09 
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I just think it's good to say that UMP has spam mode (fires 3 bullets at once, but you have to wait between two shots) which is "special", only UMP has that mode. Plus it has automatic mode, most people use that one. MP5 has automatic and burst, none of them has semi.

And i wanted to say that i think LR is more accurate than M4 (M4 has better first shot, but spread is much bigger). With LR I can shoot target with 5-5-5-5-5-5 bullets (so that would be 6 times cca 0.5 sec click) and with M4 i can't hit with 4th bullet (of single click). Don't know, maybe that's just "feel" you said about. Yeah, all weapons are much more accurate if you make more clicks rather then when you hold mouse button.

Laser makes weapon more accurate (but people can see you easier, they see red dot at corner), silencer more accurate and slower (of course, and silent). So that would make UMP with laser more accurate than LR without anything, and M4 with silencer fast as AK.

And about DE speed, for accurate long-distance shots it's very slow, but for close combat, you can fire all 7 bullets in 1 sec I think even less. But then its very inaccurate, usually if you don't kill somebody with 3rd bullet, you won't kill him at all, but USUALLY.

None of my "calculations" aren't calculated, that is all from experience I had with weapons and attachments.



 Post subject: Re: WEAPONS
PostPosted: 03.22.09 
thanks, i will try to write it as best as i can with all available infos... will take much much time i fear.^^ (see mouse thread and get the idea....)


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