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PostPosted: 04.06.09 
player size:
height 72
width 32

minimal space needed for a player to fit through:
width 31
crouching 49
walking 70

maximal height for a ledge to ledge-climb with a single jump:

falling damage:

maximum height for 3x walljumps is also around: (without having to pull yourself up)


PostPosted: 09.20.09 
maximum drop = 200
the maximum height a player can drop from without being hurt.

maximum drop 2 = 231
the maximum height a player can drop from (by walking straight off of a ledge) without being 'wounded'.

maximum drop 3 = 299
the maximum height a player can drop from (by walking straight off of a ledge) without being 'near death'.

maximum drop 4 = 394
the maximum height a player can drop from (by walking straight off of a ledge) without dying (player will be 'near death').


PostPosted: 09.20.09 
keres measurement tools

(maybe not absolutely valid anymore... dunno)


PostPosted: 09.20.09 
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Samtron had noticed that a player is 72 unit tall but you only need 70 units to fit when you walk, does that mean the player box is clipped ?
On the first map I ever tried to design I used a cushion to prevent lemming thing. Weird, with a too slim cushion you still crash, it's look that the thickness you need is proportional to the height of your fall. Do you think there is a cushion height which prevent you to crash whatever the height ?

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PostPosted: 09.20.09 
yes and no. well, i dont know. lets do some brainstorming.

information seek gave me this:
Lemming/fall damage is calculated by velocity when you hit the ground. So yes, if you fire 8 units into the ground from a cannon, you'll lemming. (source is once again the board)

so if you fall, urt calculates how "deep" you "push" into the ground.
from what 27 wrote, could it mean any cushion brush 8 units or thicker should do fine?
or does this just mean it is proportional?

if it is proportional, with some number playing...
taken from the numbers i recently posted:
- 4 levels of damage, according to height
- each level is 2 units into-ground-pushing
- how the numbers grow from 200-231-299-394 is 31-68-95
... i come to this conclusion:
so roughly the function grows much much more (i am not able to tell you in the right terms whats mathematically on my mind, sorry), but everytime the brush just needs to be 2 units thicker.

well, you can make the map/fall higher and higher, but sometime it will stop making sense.
after som pen & paper testing:
no use in using a cushion brush thicker than 20 units, as it will do for falls from like 2000 units.

so far for the theory, test this yourself.
i never bothered because i never thought of this question or had any problems because of it.


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