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heres a dynamically updated list with ALL commands and ALL Levels for ALL servers:
(u must be logged in forums to have it displayed…)


If you are or you feel like a n00bi feel free to remember just these ones:

Command Description
!registerRegister youself as a basic user.
!fa Forgive all attackers.
!fp Forgive the last person who shot you.

Available DSWP B3-commands

All players on DSWP Servers are divided in 4 main groups/levels of B3 users. Each of them may use certain B3 commands.

Command Alias-Shortcut Additional available Parameter Description
!help !h Gives you a list of command you may use on DSWP server.

<player> means:
- Player's full name
- Part of his name (This must be at least 3 LETTERS, it may not start with the numbers! B3 detects it as playernumber/slotnumber)
- Playernumber/ player slot number that you get by typing the following cmd in the console: /playerlist

!command = output in a private message
@command = public output viewable for all current online players

Commands available for All players

Command Alias-Shortcut Additional available Parameter Description
!rules List the rules of the server.
!admin !a <reason> Send a message to admins to warn them about bad behaviour, cheaters or such
!knallstats !knas <player> Displays the total knife kills for you(when you dont enter the player)/someone from xlrstats.
!knchallenge!knch <player> Challenge someone. The first player to slice him wins the challenge.
!knrecord !knrec<player> Displays the best knife user for the current map.
!knstats !kns <player> Display knife kills stats for a given client (or yourself) in the current map.
!mgtag <player> <weapon>Challenge someone. The first player to kill him wins the challenge.
!mgkilltheleader!mgktl <player> <player>Assign 2 leaders of the both teams. The first team to kill the leader of the opposite team wins the game.
!distance !dist <player> Displays how far you are from a player.
!friends <distance> in km Displays who is connected from a circle of <distance> km radius.
!locate Locate a player (city and country). NOTE: Its not always 100% precise.
!mumble Displays a list of mumble users currently online.
!forgive !f <player> Forgive a player for team damaging.
!forgiveall !fa Forgive all attackers' tk points.
!forgivelist!fl List all the players who have shot you.
!forgiveprev!fp Forgive the last person to tk you.
!grudge <player>or last Grudge a player/or the last one who tk'ed you for team damaging, Him/Her won't be forgiven.
!register Register youself as a basic user.

Commands available for Registered players and above

Registered user you become once u type !register in the console.

Command Alias/Shortcut Additional available Parameter Description
!regtest Display your current user status.
!account !acunt <player> Displays someone's account name from the forum.
!reveal Display DSWP Forum usernames associated with the current online players.
!xlrstats <player> Display yours or some player's XLR stats.
!nextmap Displays the name of the next map in rotation.

Commands available for DSWP Moderators and above

To be able to use mod's cmds of B3 you must be officially accepted into the Moderators' group of DSWP Community. Moderators have level 40.

Command Alias-Shortcut Additional available Parameter Description
!admins Lists all the moderators and admins currently on the server.
!aliases !alias<player> List a player's aliases.
!find <player> Test to find a connected player by name or by slotrnumber.
!leveltest !lt <player> Display a user's status.
!poke <player> Notify a player that he/she needs to move. Displays random messages to players.
!say <player> Say a message to all players.
!status Report status of B3 bot.
!pateams !teams Force teambalancing. The player with the least time in a team will be switched.
!pasetnextmap!snmap<mapname> Set the nextmap (partial map name works).
!paveto !veto Veto, cancells current running vote.
!greeting Set or list your greeting (use 'none' to remove)
!warn !w <player> <reason>*Warn user. NOTE: Reason must be supplied.
!warninfo !wi <player> Display how many warning points a user has.
!warnremove !wr <player> Remove a users last warning.
!warnclear !wc <player> Clear all warnings for a users.
!clear !kiss <player> Clear all tk points and warnings for the player.
!kick !k <player> <reason>* Kick a player.
!notice <player> <notice>Add a good/bad behavior note for the player.
!scream <message> B3 screams repeatedly and publicly your message in gay colors.
!tempban !tb <player> <duration> <reason>*Temporarily ban a player. Duration:s,m,h. No duration set - default:1day
!change !ch <player> <player>Swap 2 players from opposite teams. If you don't set the second player you will be swapped.
!follow !ff <player> Add user to the follow-list*.
!checkfollow !ckf List connected users being added on the follow-list.*
!listfollow !lif Add user to the follow-list*.
!unfollow !uf <player> Remove user from the follow-list*.
!paident !id Prints some information regarding the player, like IP address and GUID. From now on please type it every time you record a demo of a potential cheater. Then it will be easier to find it and the demo will be “tagged”, so if someone complain about a ban we will be sure about the player identity.
!ci <player> Kick a player that has an interrupted connection.

Commands available for Admins

To be able to use admin's cmds of B3 you must be OFC officially accepted into the Admin's group of DSWP Community. Then you have level 60.

Command Alias-Shortcut Additional available Parameter Description
!ban !b <player> <reason>*Ban a player.*
!pabigtext !bigtext <message> Print a message on the center of all screens.
!pacyclemap !cyclemap Cycle to the next map.
!pamap !map <map> Switch current map
!pamaprestart !maprestart Restart the current map.
!pamoon !moon <on/off> Set moon mode.
!pamute !mute <player> Mute a player so he/she can't write textual messages. NOTE: He/She can still use radiochat.
!panuke !nuke <player> Nuke a player.
!pavote <on/off/reset> Set voting on/off/reset to original value at bot start.
!weaponcontrol!wpctrl see hereSet restrictions on weapon choice.



<reason> is the reason cause you wanna warn/kick/ban the player. It is necessary!
Instead of full reason (team kill) you can use the following predefined shortcuts:
tk = stop team killing!
ci = connection interupted, reconnect.
afk = you appear to be away from your keyboard
camp = stop camping or you will be kicked!
spec = spectator too long on full server
lang = no profanity or offensive language
spam = do not spam, shut up


It is basically the list of players suspected of cheating.
If you have suspicions of cheating about player named Rambo, you can type !follow Rambo.
Then the next time when the player named Rambo connects, every mods and admins would get the message “Rambo is under suspicion of cheating”, so they will be able to spect him/her. Type !unfollow <player name> to remove the player from the list if he is clean.


This one considers Admins. !ban <player> <reason>
!ban Rambo cheater –> player named Rambo gets banned. The reason must be suplied. Try to be precise and skip reasons as lol,blabla and those that don't say any about the cause of the ban.
B3 will by âutomatically ban a player for 1 month (4.29 weeks).


You have following choice:
all|reset [+|-]ber|de|spas|mp5|ump|hk|lr|g36|psg|sr8|ak|neg|he|smoke|kev|hel|sil|laser|med|nvg|xtra

!weaponcontrol -hk –> Disables HK69 on the server
!weaponcontrol -smoke –> Disables smoke grenades on the server
These 2 r basically what u need on DSWP TDM Server. Since “DSWP Policy” allows all weapons on TDM Server and just very rarely sometimes HK69 and smoke grenades, you are not supposed to change other settings. Just in case you ever need it, we listed all possible weapons' parameters. You can not disable knife. So:
!weaponcontrol -all –> disables all weapons except knife.
!weponcontrol -reset –> bring it to default server weapon settings.