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 Post subject: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 02.19.09 
COPY AND PASTE from my cfg, I got dsl. Made some comments to get you guys maybe a lil bit of understanding how all this stuff is related.

rate 25000 // best would be lan/dsl 25000, isdn 7000, 56k 3000... i dont know the lock value, but the lowest setting is 8000 in urt
cl_maxpackets 42 // number of packets. if you have constant maxfps, maxpax should be a divider of it, can be set from 30 to 42
cl_packetdup 1 // number of duplicate packets, 1 to 3 in urt possible IIRC. try setting it differently, but no higher than 2

//crappy stuff that usually does nothing but should be set accordingly:
snaps 20 // maximum snaps to receive froma a server if sv_fps of the server is higher than 20. locked anyway...
cl_timenudge 0 // locked at 0 in urt IIRC
ut_timenudge 0 // 0-50 possible in [ms]... according to dev team member 27: if you ping 40-100=70ms average with tn=0, a timenudge=50 makes you ping on 90-100=95ms average. makes a higher but much much more stable ping and hits. higher will give you hit problems, though
cg_smoothClients 0 // leave it at 0, just makes your hits worse. except u are a specific polish national team player.
cl_punkbuster 1 // if there was a server with punkbuster... well, set to 1 and be happy if it is not already

{following is temporary here}
no influence on ping but still has an impact on playing:

com_maxfps 120 // maximum frames per second, the more the better, BUT should be a stable value your pc can manage to hold, otherwise setting it is useless.

r_displayrefresh 120 // forces q3 to a certain frequency. not the same as maxfps! it is a good idea to set your monitor to a high frequency, for me even 120Hz are possible because gpu and monitor can handle it. You should know for sure it can handle what you are setting, otherwise you might run into some VERY annoying problems, depending on the way you set your stuff. A handy program to set your monitor modes to praticular frequencies is ReForce. ( ) Once the modes are set they are staying. If you never handled such stuff you have 60hz in opengl things like in almost all games i bet. check that with the onscreen display of your monitor when being ingame.
from ninemil's hompage (dev team member of cpma, not urban terror)
Useful tips you might not have heard of;

Don't mess with sv_fps when hosting unless you need to lower data traffic and know what you're doing! Default is now sv_fps 30, and removes 17ms from the network round trip latency when compared to sv_fps 20. It does however cost a bit more in bandwidth and as such, you should avoid stupidly low sv_maxrate settings. (12000 is comfy-ish)

Set r_displayRefresh to the highest Hz rating your monitor can handle in the resolution you play in, then use r_swapinterval 1 for vertical sync - cpm physics are independent of fps, why put up with tearing and flicker when you can play q3 smooth as silk :) r_displayRefresh will need to go into your autoexec unless you don't mind setting it manually each time you load q3. Make sure you use the right rating for your monitor!
r_finish 1 and r_swapinterval 1 means vsync is on in q3/urt. can make the experience much much more fluid, but can introduce mouselag and fps probs. try it, if in doubt leave both at 0.

on the topic of packets.... :

What about that "maxpackets should be half of maxfps" thingy?

packets can more or less only be sent after every frame, or every second, or every third and so on. therefore the amount of packets you really sent is a divisor of your fps, which themselves can only take certain values (that's why com_maxfps >111 will always give you 125 and not what you set). back when people had poor upstream it was sometimes recommended to use half your fps (usually 125) as maxpackets (usually 62-63) so you correctly cap your packets. if you'd experience fps drops to say 100 and your maxpackets aren't capped low enough, you might get 100 packets for a few seconds which poor upstream couldn't handle or at least made it unsmooth for both you and the opponents. nowadays that even the worse connections can do 125 packets/s and all machines get 125fps out of Q3 it's no problem. Therefore go for the highest possible, which is fps and mp 125.


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 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 02.19.09 
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Joined: 12.25.08
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Location: Sosnowiec/Poland
Sorry Steve but U are a little wrong :)

cl_packetdup x - this command send every packet once (x=0) twice (x=1) or 3 times (x=2) But if U lost any packet, for 99,99999% the duplicat of this packet will be lost too so i don't see any reason to duplicate packets especialy if U set cl_maxpacket more than 35. For me the best results are: maxpackets 30 and duplicate packets OR maxpacket 42 and don't duplicate. If U set maxpacket 42 and duplicate or 3 times duplicate U'll send 82 or 124 packets - so U'll lost many of it and have shit hits

cg_smoothClients - this command is one of most important thing in UrT cfg - it make the warpers are much more hittable and prevent for teleporters. So set it "1" and U'll see diffrence.

btw. in UrT cfg is many many other commands what are helpfull to be unhitable and give us better hits but many players just dont wanna speak about it because that give them advantage. Maybe i'll write something more about it :)

And now i'll upload my config for everyone, i hope it will be usefull for many players. Tell me Ur opinion about it and enjoy ofc. :)

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.



 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 02.20.09 
two posts from woekele, dev team member of urban terror:

100mbits and you are from the Netherlands? Do you live close to me by any chance?


/cl_packetdup is something you can put higher, so the packets you send to the server are sent more times. Should make you warp/lag less.
/ut_timenude is something you can put to 10 just to make the hitting a little better.
/rate only goes to 25000 iinm... putting it to 15000 is enough allready =]
/cl_(not cg_)maxpackets maximum is 42 I think. I just use the default 30, should be fine.

Sorry cannot find it again, in the other post he just stated what you said 1:1 more or less

Both posts come from the forums.

well, he contradicts himself though he is a dev team member and should know about it?

packetdup on 2 means 30 -> 90 or 42 -> 126 packets. with dsl that is not a problem anyway, you got enough bandwidth for that with your conn.

and for smoothclients: most poeple do not lag much (nowadays, and we are not in a clanwar versus these f$%& .pt warpers). Plus like I said you get more "WTF i missed?" moments as the player rendering is less accurate. something i learned through cpma... it made laggers smoother, but you railed just about the half of what you did with it set to "0".
further unclefragger, unjr and me just came from the server... alle three of us experienced "suddenly" appearing players with it plus badbadbad hits with it set to 1. we were on mumble, no misunderstandings while discussing and testing....


another point is.... packet amount specified by maxpackets/packetdup is what you what you send to the server which is directly linked to what you receive... only if the server gets much info from you, he can calculate what is happening.
the more accurate information you give, the more accurate info you get.

the first one with the right scientific explanation for all things net setting related wins...


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 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 03.09.09 


 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 03.11.09 
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Joined: 07.15.08
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nick: [dswp]GewitterOma
skill: 812.172
kills: 3885
deaths: 3541
ratio: 1.09
dont get it...
ure talking bout sending things double/tripple/quadritripmib/muliple-tripper to the server, making MEeeeeEEE pay for that?
for the case that 1 in a million udp packets packet gets lost?

i should lock down rates server sided, in order to have less then 400 GB / month for the server.
plus it could maybe help end open questions here


ole muchachos!



 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 03.11.09 
ich hab mich da oben wohl komisch ausgedrueckt.

doppel is standard (1)
tripel geht noch (2)

nich mehr geht eh net... weil das eben so ist. und bei (2) kommen bei 42 paketen 3 x 42 = 126 pakete an...

ist dasselbe wie packetdup (0) und maxpackets 125 .... war seit der dsl zeit in jedem q3 mod (zumindest in denen die ich kenn) n standardsetting, einzige ausnahme urban terror.

und was der server zurückschickt is doch eh immer gleich... durch sv_fps 20. teilweise gabs versuche mit sv_fps 30, da hat sich dann der erhöhte traffic bemerkbar gemacht, aber sv_fps is glaub ich gelockt. und wenn net bringts eh nix da der client durch die gelockten snaps auf 20 eh nur 20 und net 30 server fps erhalten kann.

mit andern worten: com_maxpackets setzt fest was von dir an den server geht... und wenn du packets verschickst (is eh immer mindestens doppelte ausführung weil packetdup auf mindestens 1 gelockt ist) kannste vielleicht besser hitz haben wenn der server sicher weis was sache is wennste ihm denselben schrott als sicherheitskopien schickst... fallso doch was neben raus geht. packetdup 2 kann einen aber frames kosten...


 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 04.02.09 

knirps testet smoothclients gerade


 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 05.10.09,_lag_meter ... ban_Terror

not proofread, but looks pretty solid


 Post subject: Re: NET SETTINGS
PostPosted: 05.10.09

lagometer "100%" explained


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