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DSWP features

DSWP features

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DSWP aka Don’t Shoot Wurst Please, online since 2008, is a non-clan community concentrating on TDM. We emphasize fun and balanced gameplay over competition, although this doesn’t mean we would punish very good players — as a completely random example (whistles innocently), our TDM is often visited by people from the goriest UrT clan out there.

Although DSWP is registered as a clan on urtinfo, we don’t play in any leagues and there are no plans to change this. Using the tag ( [dswp] or DSWP. ) is restricted to admins; everyone can freely use the supporter tag ( [dswp-cheer] ).


All DSWP servers are public and have friendly fire enabled. Our local time is CET (Central European Time) = UTC/GMT +1 hour. DSWP hardware is located in Frankfurt, Germany, directly connected to DE-CIX. All servers run B3 bot; 4.2 TDM has nearly constant admin coverage.

Whenever you need to you can request admin help by typing !admin <reason>1) (as in !admin head_shoter is botting) in the chat. Abusing this command may lead to ban. Remember, actually getting help depends on whether there’s anyone awake and able to join the game at the moment. In case of cheaters, everyone is encouraged to record a demo and post it in the Lamas corner.

4.2 TDM (Team Deathmatch)

serwer monitor
urtinfo page
GameTracker page

Our main server. Smoke grenades and HK69 are disabled. Come for the headshots, stay for the buttkills!

Name: <<<Wurst 4.2 test serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22227
Sluts: 32 (27 + 5 private)
Fraglimit: 250
Timelimit: 12 minutes
Respawns: 5-second wave

4.2 BOMB

serwer monitor
urtinfo page
GameTracker page

We hold weekly bomb nights every Sunday 20:00 CET — good way to meet DSWP admins and other regular players. Join us on Mumble too!

Name: [dswp] bomb serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22223
Sluts: 17 (12 + 5 private)

4.2 JUMP

serwer monitor
urtinfo page
GameTracker page

Name: [dswp] jump serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22224
Sluts: 14 (10 + 4 private)
Timelimit: 180 minutes


serwer monitor
urtinfo page
GameTracker page

Previously a CTF serwer.

Name: [dswp] FREEZE serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22225
Sluts: 25 (20 + 5 private)
Timelimit: 15 minutes


serwer monitor
urtinfo page

Mostly used for testing new maps and such, the game mode on this server is votable, defaulting to FFA.

Name: [dswp] MULTI serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22226
Sluts: 32 (27 + 5 private)

4.1 TDM (Team Deathmatch)

serwer monitor
Ajax serwer monitor
GameTracker page

(Previously our main server, now effectively dead.) We run two mapcycles (small and big) that everyone registered on the forum can vote. Smoke grenades and HK69 are disabled to avoid once-common impenetrable thickets of fail at rush hours.

Name: <<<Wurst test serwer
Address: / dswp.de:22222
Sluts: 50 (45 + 5 private)
Fraglimit: 250
Timelimit: 12 minutes
Respawns: 5-second wave

Getting admin rights

Asking for rights actually counts a bit against you. If you are a good player (in the “not being a dick” sense, not stats), register on the forum, report cheaters, and generally are visible, you may expect to become a moderator someday. There is no required minimum amount of mods, neither is there any set timespan for evaluating people’s character, but every now and then an admin asks “why’s X not a mod yet?” and starts a poll.

Online presence

Site & forum

DSWP is running a phpBB forum with additional custom bits to show people on Mumble, the status of servers, etc. Players registered on the forum also have access to their and others’ XLRStats pages.


We have a channel on QuakeNet named #dswp. If you don’t know what IRC is, the easiest way to chat there is to use the QuakeNet web applet (link also available in the forum main menu) that connects you to #dswp with your forum username; you have to be logged in to use it. For prolonged stay it’s more sensible to use a dedicated IRC client — for starters, most common clients for Windows are mIRC and Miranda IM, terminal-loving Unix people tend to use irssi, XChat/HexChat is a graphical client available for both Windows and Linux, Firefox users can install an IRC plugin named chatzilla, and there are also several more generic chat clients that understand IRC (you may know Pidgin, née Gaim).

On #dswp resides our lovely CuntBot; her function is to act as a mediator between the channel, forum and game server. List of the commands is available on our wiki; you can also ask for the list using !help on the channel. Her commands are prefixed the same way B3 ones are, with ! for normal use and @ for publicly visible output. CuntBot allows proper-levelled people do some of the B3 things without joining the game (!say, !bigtext, !kick, !slap, !nuke); she’s also relaying the in-game !admin requests to the channel. Cuntie’s also reporting when any of the registered people joins any of the servers or Mumble, and giving the information about people on IRC in the whoswhere display. For fun, there are !penis and the magic all-question-answering !8ball.

Currently CuntBot is unaware of the existence of the 4.2 TDM serwer.

When CuntBot is down, AnusBot takes her place. He’s simpler, has no powers on the channel or on the game server, but can still listen for !admin, tell you who’s playing or mumbling, etc.


Our software of choice for trashtalking, discussing anal beads and singing badly off-key birthday songs is Mumble. Before use, it needs calibrating to your sound card / microphone / drivers / whatever; be sure not to skip this step, for the admins of DSWP are fragile of ear and quick to anger.

There’s Mumble viewer on the upper right corner on all forum pages; CuntBot/AnusBot and B3 also have !mumble command displaying users online. We have custom-built Mumble switcher to move players to their respective team’s channel on Mumble; most of the time there’s not enough people to warrant this though, and everyone talks on the Homies channel where they’re protected from switching. (Whenever you connect, you get moved to Homies automatically.)

:!: Note for Windows users: In case you already have an older installation lying around, you may run into an odd problem, Mumble complaining that “A referral was returned by the server” and shutting down. Read this.

User software

For Windows

Samtron has written a Vista/7 compatible desktop gadget named DSWP Server viewer that shows people on forum/servers/mumble/irc.

For Linux

Everything here is written by Pirat and command-line only.

For browser haters, there’s postdemo intended for posting demos & ban info (also suitable for posting anything else on the forum).

dswpppl shows people on forum/servers/mumble/irc.

dswpmapvote allows you to define your preferred mapcycle and vote with a single command without visiting the map voting page and click-click-clicking a whole bunch of little checkboxes.

playdemo allows you to play any demo located anywhere. It also removes the need to rename demos to all-caps. For sniffing whether it’s a 4.1 or 4.1.1 demo, there’s demo file analyzer.

DSWP bar

This is our Firefox addon for addicted players; there’s a dedicated article on this. As of November 2014 only the old 4.1 serwer supports it, i.e. it’s largely useless.

UTC (Urban Terror Configurator)

(Work in progress) Coded by zietsh and eXtr33m, this is a Javascript-based page for creating a config file via GUI, rather than editing cvars directly. There’s a dedicated forum page.


(Work in progress) Wursti’s homegrown server browser, allowing you to sort servers by version and gametype; the IP addresses are links for connecting to the server via UrT Launcher. There’s a dedicated forum page.

1) !admins (plural) is a different command showing admins currently in-game; these two are often confused by players.